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Crypto Vreneli
Philoro X Vivents

About the Project

Philoro and Vivents have collaborated to launch the Crypto Vreneli, the world’s first Phygital Asset Coin (PAC). By merging the historically oldest and the youngest asset class, we are setting a new benchmark for the gold, crypto and collectibles scene. With this groundbreaking Web3 initiative, the ambition is to unite physical and digital Swiss craftsmanship while addressing social diversity. The project includes not only the real value of gold but also the decentralized rules of the blockchain economy. These enable exclusive benefits and access rights for collectors and open up a new, exciting ecosystem.

Rewriting history

The Crypto Vreneli pays tribute to the iconic Swiss Gold Vreneli, initially criticized in 1897 for its youthful and frivolous design. Medallist Fritz Laundry had to modify the design to make it a popular collector’s item. In 2023, the Crypto Vreneli introduces 100 diverse NFT variations of the original design. Each non-fungible token (NFT) is unique, stored on the Ethereum blockchain, reflects human diversity, and advocates for the modern, fluid zeitgeist with all its freedom and interests.


The limited edition of 100 Crypto Vrenelis, each with its very own NFT Vreneli, utilizes Blockchain technology and pioneering unlockable content benefits, making its holder one of only one hundred collectors with exclusive access rights.
Swiss made
Philoro Gold
The Coin


Each Crypto Vreneli Gold Coin is meticulously designed in Zurich and minted in Lucerne, adhering to the highest production and regulatory standards. The gold coin represents the exceptional craftsmanship and artistry of Switzerland. The gold comes from certified, sustainable gold production according to LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) standards.
24K Gold
1 ounce / 31.1gr.


The Crypto Vreneli is the world’s first physical gold coin in 8-bit shape and aesthetic. The unique design, appearance and relief make the coin a rare, secure and avant-garde collectible of our time.
Forgery proof
Pixel art


Scan the NFC-chip located on the back of the gold coin using a compatible device such as a smartphone equipped with an NFC reader, in order to unlock your personal Crypto Vreneli NFT and retrieve one of 100 random, hand-designed NFT Vrenelis .
Proof of Ownership
1 of 100 NFT Artworks
Content & Access


The NFT Vrenelis, offer contemporary interpretations of the renowned Gold Vreneli. While the original design was deemed provocative 126 years ago, the updated versions celebrate the diverse aesthetics, interests, and gender identities of today's society.
Crypto Vreneli NFT

Unlockable Content

In addition to the real gold value, the Crypto Vreneli also embodies decentralized rules of the blockchain economy. These enable exclusive benefits and access rights for the owners of a Crypto Vreneli.


You automatically support the foundation Kinderschutz Schweiz


Benefit from special offers, events and updates from philoro


Get discount on the pre-sale of the second crypto coin series


Each Crypto Vreneli is initially sold as a physically tangible gold coin (24k gold, 1 ounce), packaged in a high-quality collector’s box. Each of the 100 NFT Vreneli are minted to an Ethereum wallet (digital wallet) connected to the coins. Coded in 8-bit architecture with serial numbering, forgery-proof relief and exclusive access rights. Thanks to NFC chips, access to an artful iconographic crypto gold ecosystem with added values, insider news and exclusive access rights in the form of «Unlockable Content» is secured. Each Crypto Vreneli contains a non-fungible token that provides the owner with reliable proof of ownership. By scanning the NFC chip the user gains access to the Dashboard where the NFT and additional features can be managed.
Each Crypto Vreneli Gold Coin is carefully designed and minted in Lucerne (Switzerland) in accordance with the highest manufacturing and regulatory standards. The gold coin represents the distinctive Swiss craftsmanship and artistry.
You need a compatible device, such as a smartphone with an NFC reader. Here are the general steps you can follow: 1. Make sure that the NFC function is turned on. Hold the device with the NFC reader near the NFC chip. Ensure that the NFC chip is within the range of the reader, which is typically a few centimeters. 2. Your device should detect the NFC chip and will prompt you to open the link that will take you to the Dashboard. On the Dashboard the user has access to all features of the NFT.
1. Open your Dashboard and locate your Crypto Vreneli. 2. Select “claim NFT”. 3. Enter the Claim Code, which is located on the packaging. 4. Download or open Metamask (digital wallet). 5. Select the wallet you would like the NFT to be transferred to. 6. Confirm the transaction.
Unlike other AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated PFPs (Profile Pics) the Crypto Vreneli NFT heads were individually hand-designed.
Proof of ownership for NFTs operates through Blockchain technology, where unique digital tokens are assigned to specific assets, representing ownership. The token's metadata, stored on a decentralized network, ensures the asset's authenticity and verifies the owner's identity, enabling secure transfer and management of digital assets.
This is a limited edition and only 100 Crypto Vrenelis are available.
Ethereum. The Ethereum Blockchain is a decentralized, open-source platform that enables the creation and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) using its native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH). It operates on a global network of computers, ensuring security and immutability through a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake.
The issue price is CHF 8’399.-
There are no royalty payments to be made when a Crypto Vreneli NFT is resold in the secondary market, such as through an auction or resale platform.
The Crypto Vreneli is available in philoro's online stores with delivery to Switzerland, Austria and Germany as well as in philoro's brick-and-mortar retail stores in Switzerland.
The gold coin can be sold on conventional marketplaces. If the NFT was claimed to your personal wallet, you can sell it separately on any NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum.
The Crypto Vreneli project is a collaboration between philoro Gold SCHWEIZ AG and Vivents by ArtDeal AG, with the coin's production carried out by HelveticMint, a wholesale distributor known for its technological innovation and attention to detail in coin design. philoro SCHWEIZ AG is a leading provider of high-quality precious metals investment in Europe, offering services ranging from buying and selling to storage and personal advice for investment in precious metals. The family-owned company, founded in Vienna in 2011, is part of Philoro HOLDING GmbH and has been operating in Switzerland since 2017, while Vivents is a tech innovation company that provides complete solutions for Web3 brand experiences, such as app development, virtual stores, drops, phygital NFTs, and NextGen creative services. The law firm Stach Rechtsanwälte AG, located in Zurich, Switzerland, provided legal assistance to the Crypto Vreneli project and specializes in advising both companies and individuals in various legal areas, including employment law, contract law, corporate law, M&A, tax law, and inheritance law.
Philoro SCHWEIZ AG is an owner-managed family business and was founded in 2017. The pan-European precious metal trader is part of philoro HOLDING GmbH, which was founded in Vienna in 2011, and is one of the leading private providers in the field of high-quality precious metal investment in Europe.
Creative & Tech Agency
VIVENTS by ArtDeal, based in Zurich, is the one-stop innovation company for Web3 brand experiences: creating apps, virtual shops, drops, NFT’s and NextGen creative services for tomorrow’s hybrid world. They are specialized in bridging Web2 brands with Web3 fundamentals and design principles.
HelveticMint, the coin factory in Rothenburg, is known for technological innovation and affectionate details of its coins. They offer a wide range of products for every section of the international coin market.
Legal and Compliance
Stach Rechtsanwälte AG is a law firm in Zurich specializing in advising companies and individuals in the areas of employment law, contract law, corporate law, M&A, tax law and inheritance law.
The Crypto Vreneli is an invention of philoro & Vivents. Trademark of philoro INC. All rights reserved.
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